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How can I grow my Discord Server? We've simplified it for you.

1) Start off growing your server by adding your server to our Discord Server List. This allows you to post a name, description, and keywords so users searching for this criteria can easily find it, join it, and enjoy servers they truly enjoy. All you need to do is simply Log in, then use the server management tool.

2) After your server has been added you will see an alert letting you know it was successful. Now, you must start obtaining votes from your friends, users, and new members in order to rank higher on the server list. The higher you rank, the more users and members who seek awesome Discord Servers will click on your listing. In return, giving you more and more of a reason to be a server loved by many.

3) Once you own a server listing, you should see something like this!

Simply click, or copy the link to your server ID. Be sure to give yourself the first vote, of course! Now, send the link to all of your Discord server members, staff, friends, etc once a day to obtain the most votes. Make sure to pin the link to your server, so you don't lose it. You may vote every 12 hours.

4) Join our Discord Server, and participate in events to gain FREE PREMIUM STATUS, GIVEAWAYS, DOUBLE VOTE events and more.

5) That's it! Now, growing your server should be alot easier.
Need help? Simply contact us below for support!